Raid Le Mans - The Ultimate Le Mans 24 Hours Tour Package. Copyright Wildside 2009.


How many people go on the Raid Le Mans Tour?

We offer a purely personal service and limit availability to less than 100 guests each year. With RLM you are not just a number! Our guests return year after year and magazines like 911 & Porsche World and Auto Italia continually entrust us to be their Official Le Mans Tour supplier. You can rest assured that you are in good hands and in good company.

What’s the style of the event?

Laid back, friendly and relaxed. Easy access to all the action when you want it along with comfort & convenience when you don't. An unforgettable weekend with great company professionally run by a team with over 15 years of Le Mans experience.

What’s the route to Le Mans like?

We choose the best back-roads so you can enjoy driving through the countryside instead of following the British convoy down in the motorway queues.  Every car will get a road-book of the whole route which will take you from Calais docks to the front door of the hotel. The road-book uses an easy to follow rally tulip style with mileage checks at every turning. The mileage from Calais to the hotel is 255 miles.

What if I don’t need a ferry ticket?

No problem, just call the office before you book and we will deduct the cost of the ferry from the package price.

What if I miss the ferry?

We make sure that your ferry ticket is valid from Friday morning right through to Tuesday so if you miss the ferry that you are aiming for just catch the next one. The same applies if you want to catch an earlier return.

I don’t have a performance car, can I still book?

Over the two decades that we have been organising Raid Le Mans we have had just about everything book on the Tour. From motorbikes to Maseratis, London taxis to Lamborghinis, Fords to Ferraris. Everyone and everything is welcome.

Do I have to drive in convoy?

No. Everyone is following the same route but drives at their own pace. We take a proper countryside back-road route so the chances of seeing other "Raiders" along the way is high and often cars team up with others to drive together.

Is the HQ open for the whole race?

Yes and more. In fact we start serving at 10am on Saturday morning right through to the 4pm race finish on Sunday afternoon – that’s almost 30 hours of non-stop service. Contd.

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