Raid Le Mans - The Ultimate Le Mans 24 Hours Tour Package. Copyright Wildside 2009.

Day 1 - The ‘Raid’ departs from Dover docks on Friday morning with  our renowned mix of fast back-roads along the twisting curves and sweepers of forgotten France (where it’s rare to see any Police) on our way to Le Mans. The routes are all laid out with mileage and time checks in the road book supplied. After the lunch-stop we continue through the beautiful Suisse-Normande countryside to our lakeside hotel in the beautiful spa town of Bagnoles de l’Orne. For those on the Hotel package dinner is served at 8pm and the bar stays open late (actually very late!). With the pre-race atmosphere in full-swing why not visit the Casino and nightclub just 2-minutes walk away? For the ‘Campers’ the route by-passes the hotel and continues to the circuit where you can camp out for the Friday night and catch some of that famous pre-race buzz and excitement. 

Day 2 – After breakfast, the Hotel Group depart on some fantastic roads until we reach Le Mans just 45-minutes away. By staying to the NW of Le Mans we avoid the traffic build up of Brits heading for the circuit from the main ports so the roads are quiet and traffic free. Arriving at the track we park up in the car park right next to the Raid Le Mans Base HQ. With our staff on site throughout the weekend your car will be safe & secure and of course ideally located for a quick & easy departure. Fortunately the beers are already waiting and nicely chilled….. The race starts at 4.00pm so you have plenty of time to check out the attractions of the ‘village’ behind the pits and paddock with its bars, cafes, trade stands and fairground which is well worth a visit in its own right. There will be a barbecue going throughout the day to cope with attacks of the nibbles and in the evening our infamous Tex-Mex Chili cook out & Tequila Party kicks off. At 9.00pm the Wildside Night Coach departs to the Arnage and Mulsanne corners and will run a shuttle service through until the early hours.  Contd.

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