Raid Le Mans - The Ultimate Le Mans 24 Hours Tour Package. Copyright Wildside 2009.


The Le Mans 24 Hours is the greatest endurance race in the world, and so much more....

...... it has its own unique ambience, atmosphere, electricity and an excitement that you can almost touch. Quite apart from the racing you must visit the fairground, see the live rock bands, side stalls, dodgems and whole host of other attractions. The bars and cafes in the village run throughout the night and the champagne bar has an inexhaustible supply of bubbly at incredibly good prices - every bottle nicely chilled!

To really capture the essence of Le Mans wander out to the circuit in the early hours when dawn is just starting to break and only the die-hards look-on. Appreciate the skills of the drivers, revel in the thunderous sounds and marvel in the fact that there are still some 10 hours of hard racing to go. Alternatively, jump on board the exclusive Raid Le Mans coach for a night-time tour to the Mulsanne and Arnage corners. Seeing these machines flat-out in the forest at night is an experience that we guarantee will live with you forever.

With Raid Le Mans all food, drinks, snacks and alcohol are “on the house” throughout the race. Our Base HQ is open for the full 24-Hours with a ready supply of snacks, scheduled meals and help yourself barbecue of hot and freshly cooked food, perfectly chilled beers, wines, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Hot and cold water is also on tap for wash and brush-ups. Saturday night sees our now infamous Chili Tex Mex & Tequila Party, in the morning it’s a choice of English or continental brekkie with tea/coffee and at lunchtime we will be offering roast beef or hand-carved ham baguettes, salads and other appetizing delicacies…. Contd.

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